Avatar Way of Water Trailer Sequel James Cameron Pandora

The blue-skinned Na'Vi stare at the sun from the ocean among floating rocks.

Screenshot, twentieth Century

In the event you thought that the sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 beyond-blockbuster sci-fi movie Avatar was by no means going to return out, nicely, that is smart, it is been 13 years for the reason that unique got here to film screens, and the sequel was initially scheduled to premiere means, means again in 2014. It is solely taken eight years, but it surely seems Avatar: The Manner of Water is extraordinarily actual and on the way in which—and the proof is on this very first trailer,

Clearly, there’s little or no non-visual data to inform us what the heck this film will probably be about, aside from the large Na’Vi of Pandora are going to spend a substantial amount of time splashing round within the planet’s many our bodies of water. However there are the putting photos of Na’Vi working along with people, different Na’Vi holding weapons (however are they precise Na’Vi or people in Na’Vi avatars?), and a transparent deal with the 2 species working collectively—a far cry from the tense human-Na’Vi relations chronicled within the unique. As within the first film, nevertheless, the movie’s greatest star is the world of Pandora itself and its cacophony of alien flora, CG-rendered in gorgeous shade and lushness, beneath Cameron’s course.

Avatar: The Manner of Water stars Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, and CCH Pounder, all reprising their roles from the 2009 film; Sigourney Weaver may also return, however as a distinct character (mysterious…). In the meantime, Kate Winslet, Jemaine Clement, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Vin Diesel, Oona Champlin, and plenty of extra be part of the forged. The film will premiere on December 16, 2022.

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