Handful of 2022 GMC Hummer EVs recalled for malfunctioning taillight

GMC introduced this morning that its gargantuan new electrical Hummer is the topic of its first recall marketing campaign. It is a small marketing campaign — roughly 10 items — however a nonetheless necessary one, as GM says a software program glitch may cause its taillights to behave erratically, by both illustrating once they should not or by failing to light up when commanded.

“Taillight software program may cause one or each rear taillights to change into inoperative, or stay totally or partially illuminated,” GM’s report stated. “If a taillamp stays totally or partially illuminated, some or all of those taillamp features will stay activated always, even after the automobile is turned off, A taillamp that fails to light up or illuminates incorrectly might cut back the visibility of the automobile or talk incorrect data to different highway customers, rising the chance of a crash.”

GM’s description of the variety of probably impacted items is inconsistent between paperwork submitted to NHTSA. Some say 9 items; others say 10 or 11. Regardless, it is a small quantity and none of them look like in buyer palms at this level. Thankfully, the treatment is an easy one; the tail lights themselves merely must be changed and every thing will behave simply advantageous.

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