Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Funniest Joke

Lego Queen Amidala clasps her hands in a scene from Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Will the actual Queen Amidala please arise?
Screenshot, TT Video games/Warner Bros.

I am not very far into taking part in via all 9 Star Wars films on this week’s Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagahowever I am already satisfied it is one of many the definitive takes on the franchise for a single purpose: Padmé Amidala’s finest decoy being a man in a beard.

Enjoying via the sport’s adaptation of The Phantom Menace and Assault of the Clones this week, I usually discovered myself stifling a snort or two at Skywalker Saga‘s gag-a-minute method to Star Wars, However one repeating gag within the first two prequels saved making me guffaw gleefully: Amidala’s well-known “reveal” scene on the climax of The Phantom Menacethe place she pronounces that the Padmé sporting courtly apparel for a very good chunk of the film is definitely one in all her decoy handmaidens, After all, it is a lot the identical in Lego Star Wars… by the use of Spartacus,

It is a terrific little gag, however the random bearded Lego dude in Padmé’s beautiful pink costume simply is completely delighted. particularly as Skywalker Saga retains committing to the bit past this second. He is the decoy that exhibits up within the palace to distract Nute Gunray throughout the climactic battle of the film, and even funnier, when Padmé’s ship lands on Coruscant in Assault of the Clone‘s opening, he is the decoy who will get blasted throughout the bombing (he is wonderful, after all—folks do not visibly die in Lego Star Wars cutscenes, it is a recreation for the youngest followers of the galaxy far, far-off).

That is his contribution to your entire recreation, perhaps a handful of minutes at most, however it was the one constant factor that simply saved me chuckling like a toddler each time I used to be taking part in. Lego Star Wars has all the time leaned on the sillier aspect of issues, and plenty of absurd visible gags. And little doubt the remainder of The Skywalker Saga goes to have working bits simply as humorous as this one. Nevertheless it was the one factor that saved reminding me that, as lovingly devoted to what Star Wars is as one thing like Skywalker Saga is—and really lovingly devoted to Star Wars as a totality—that Star Wars actually at its finest when it is aware of simply how a lot to take the piss out of itself typically.

Image for article titled One of Lego Star Wars'  Silliest Gags Reminded Me Not to Take Star Wars So Seriously

Screenshot, TT Video games/Warner Bros.

We tend, as Star Wars followers (and actually, nerds basically), to get defensive if somebody pokes enjoyable at a factor we love. Or, heavens forbid, somebody would not take this world of house ships and magic hippies with laser swords significantly sufficient. In spite of everything, Star Wars means a lot to us—this epic, sweeping, multi-generational story of insurrection and resistance, the perpetual battle for good and evil—that we’re inclined to take it as deathly critical to show that it is value our funding, as if Star Wars isnt already taken fairly significantly sufficient as one of many largest and most beloved pop cultural behemoths of the trendy age already. Even when we meme it and mock it ourselves, anybody else doing so is disrespecting that deathly-grave worldview we have constructed round this factor we love.

Lego Star Wars ignores all that. Positive, put a bearded man in Padmé’s handmaidens! Have Obi-Wan surprise why his lightsaber would not have two blades when he first encounters Darth Maul! Hell, have him punt the Sith apprentice’s still-living head via a basketball web earlier than it plummets into Naboo’s reactor! It loves Star Wars a lot that it can not assist however joke and jibe at each accessible alternative. Star Wars is regularly absurd, in good methods and dangerous. It is usually fairly humorous, even when typically we do not need to admit that ourselves. Lego Star Wars would not attempt to cover that a part of all of it, even when it is portraying the moments of this story we maintain excessive as deep and significant, influential and highly effective. If something, it is in these moments that it goes the silliest, as if to tug us down from haughty highs and remind us to take the joke. Star Warsin spite of everything, is enjoyablewhilst we like it at its most serious, particularly even once we need higher from it.

Positive, make Padmé’s most constant bodyguard a Santa-bearded dude who loves to decorate like his beloved elected monarch. Why not? That is as Star Wars as all of the lightsabers, X-Wings, bounty hunters, and Empires on this planet, particularly if it makes you chuckle,

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