Riverdale Season 6 Is Back and Just Did Something Crazy (Again)

KJ Apa's Archie Andrews looks concerned in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 6, "Unbelievable."

Truthfully, additionally my face discovering all of this at this level.
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riverdale has an extended historical past of being A Complete Ass Lothowever someway the sequence has managed to even prime “hey we’re simply creating an Archie multiverse now” with its latest horror-tinged occasion crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, In case you thought final evening’s episode could be a return to… what’s thought-about regular for the sequence? Properly, you have been in for a shock.

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So let’s get this out of the way in which: I feel riverdale may be one other CW superhero present now? Perhaps.

“Unbelievable,” the technically-sixth episode of the present’s sixth season—the aforementioned crossover shaped the primary 5 late final yr—picks again up within the, god, I am unable to even imagine I get to say it, “Prime” riverdale actuality. More particularly, it picks again up within the wake of the season 5 finale, which concluded with Archie and Betty about to get it on because it was revealed to the viewers that Veronica’s dad, Hiram, had left a bomb planted in Archie’s room after being exiled from the city. Becausey’know, that is only a factor that occurs on riverdale, Anyway, the bomb went off, destroying the Andrews family… however miraculously, Archie and Betty made it out largely unhurt.

Not everyone seems to be unscathed by the blast. Jughead, who was close toby, finally discovers that the blast has largely rendered him deaf, and Archie’s poor canine Bingo has all his legs damaged, crushed beneath the particles of the destroyed Andrews house. However yeah: Archie and Betty are largely protected, as a result of, as they be taught over the course of the episode… the bomb gave them superpowers. Archie will get essentially the most conventional super-overhaul right here, full with the necessary “By some means will get much more of a CW present protagonist jacked physique” overhaul that offers him enhanced energy alongside a weight enhance, and, in a riff on the episode title, a nod to M. Evening Shyamalan’s Unbreakable within the type of impenetrable pores and skin, explaining how he managed to outlive the blast and shield Betty, who solely sustained a number of bone-breaking accidents.

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Within the hospital recovering, she learns that she too obtained powers, a type of spider-sense-esque aura-detection that enables her to identify people who find themselves threats. A fully unbelievable energy to present to somebody who has additionally, as a result of this present is that this present, been an FBI agent for a number of years now. However anyway, she and Archie use their talents to cease a murderous orderly that gave Betty unhealthy vibes. Oh, and did we point out Bingo obtained a therapeutic issue, miraculously recovering from his damaged legs in only a handful of days? Sure. Sucks to be Jughead I suppose, close to sufficient to be injured however not close to sufficient to get superpowers, until he is about to grow to be Riverdale’s equal of Clint Barton or one thing.

There’s much more occurring in “Unbelievable”—Hiram may very well be lifeless after Veronica put out successful on him (!!!) that she instantly regretted (!!!!!) solely to seek out when she tried to do a take -backsies on a contract killer (!!!!!!!!!!) that the job was purportedly already accomplished (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), oh and Cheryl may be possessed by an evil ghost now? However actually, the purpose right here is that actually simply after having its personal off-kilter indulgence into style components, riverdale is now plowing forward simply fully doolally. It is onerous to say if this might be revealed as one other alt-timeline just like the occasions in Rivervale, or if this actually is simply the established order for the present now, which is actually humorous contemplating the “bizarre” factor about riverdale when it began that Archie was sleeping together with his trainer, However for now, riverdale is… is it too imply to Brokers of SHIELD to say it is Brokers of SHIELD with even much less finances?

Which, to be truthful, is simply largely taking a web page from the Archie comics much more at this level. Archie has been round for therefore lengthy that it is given us superheroes, huge franchise crossovers, zombies and werewolvesand naturally, a explicit Teenage Witchso riverdale itself simply embracing the utter madness of the supply materials, particularly when it is accomplished such a grand job of being so insane itself beforehand, is extra of a lateral transfer than some enormous leap. Screw it, have the Predator present up or one thing! Hell, make that new comedian actual and have comics Archie meet riverdale Archie! Now that‘d be enjoyable.

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