The Biggest Suckers On Bring A Trailer

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Hagerty worth: $89,200 in concours situation

This CTS-V wagon has a customized upgraded camshaft, 1050cc gas injectors, a smaller supercharger pulley, and a number of track-day reliability mods. It additionally has 11,000 miles, which is lower than the typical American driver travels in a single single 12 months, but this hopped-up household hauler has been on the roads for eight.

The attraction of a wagon is to have (most of) the practicality of an SUV however (just about) the driving dynamics of a automobile. For those who by no means use that practicality, if the automobile is solely a storage queen or weekend cruiser, there isn’t any purpose to bear the burden of all that tumbler and metal. This automobile is constructed to haul ass and grocery. Let it do each.

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