The Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler

Image for article titled Prologue - Bronco and Wrangler, by William Shakespeare

Picture, Andy Kalmowitz

Two off-roaders, each alike in dignity,

In truthful Detroit, the place we lay our scene,

From historical grudge break to new rivalry,

The place civil oil makes civil palms unclean.

From forth the deadly loins of those two foes

A pair of star-cross’d mudders take their life;

Whose misadventures four-wheeling overthrows

Do with their dying bury their homeowners’ strife.

The fearful passage of their off-road tires,

And the continuance of their FoMoCo’s rage,

Which, however Motor Metropolis’s finish, not might take away,

Is now the 2 hours’ visitors of our stage;

The which should you with the affected person gearhead attend,

What right here shall miss, Mopar’s toil shall try to fix.

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