The Most Cursed Video Game Controllers of All Time

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If firms weren’t ever keen to suppose exterior the field and take dangers with new merchandise, we might have by no means gotten such progressive units just like the Sony Walkman, the Nintendo Wii, and even the Apple iPod. However innovation is not at all times a superb factor, and for each bizarre controller just like the Wiimote that wins over customers, there’s an entire drawer filled with weird failures.

The design of a online game console’s controller is much more essential than the video games being provided. It is a gamer’s major connection to the machine, and there is a purpose the design of handheld controllers and gamepads look largely unchanged because the ’80s. That is to not say there is not room for innovation—Nintendo proved there’s with its Wii—there simply wasn’t room in players’ hearts for these really cursed makes an attempt to do one thing completely different.

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