Thieves get creative in the face of high gas prices

The latest rise in fuel costs has prompted a corresponding improve in gasoline theft, and authorities are reporting that we have come a great distance from the Hollywood-friendly days of sucking gasoline out of a tank by way of a hardware-store tube. Whereas siphoning continues to be efficient towards basic vehicles, fashionable vehicles make this far harder due to one-way valves put in in gasoline filler necks. In case you assume which means your street-parked automobile is secure from gasoline thieves, we have got some dangerous information for you.

CNN reported Tuesday that dealerships have change into prime targets. As is the case with wheel thefts, the culprits have little regard for the situation of the autos they’re raiding, so the quickest route — merely drilling into the gasoline tank — has change into a preferred one. Dealerships hardly ever maintain vehicles on their tons with full tanks of fuel, however all of them have at the very least sufficient gasoline to permit them to be moved across the lot or taken for a short check drive. In these instances, some thieves are sticking dealerships with restore payments that far exceed the worth of fuel stolen. One vendor in Wisconsin instructed the community that it value them $1,500 to switch a drilled gasoline tank from which bandits extracted not more than $15-$20 value of gasoline.

Some enterprising criminals have employed extra superior ways towards fueling stations, CNN stated. Not less than one thief has exploited their data of the mechanical workings of a station’s gasoline dispensers to bypass the cost course of and rip off gasoline totally free. One other group of thieves in Texas reportedly made off with greater than 1,000 gallons of diesel by parking a minivan over the in-ground tank and siphoning the gasoline right into a cell contained in the automobile by way of a entice door in its passenger compartment flooring, Advanced studies.

Truck and SUV homeowners particularly ought to take care to park in non-public areas when doable, as these autos enable simpler entry to their gasoline tanks. Automobile-based, crossover-style SUVs and small sedans and hatchbacks are much less weak, however higher secure than sorry, proper?

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