Watch Lucid’s CEO give the best EV battery primer yet

Should you’re trying to study extra about EV batteries, Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson could have simply delivered the very best primer but. Over roughly 36 minutes, this primary video in a sequence covers nearly each facet of the Lucid Air battery pack and the way it helps allow the luxurious sedan’s 520-mile most vary.

Rawlinson begins with the fundamentals: power and energy. Vitality represents whether or not work—comparable to operating up a hill—will be achieved, whereas energy represents how briskly it may be accomplished, Rawlinson explains. In electrical automobiles, energy is expressed in kilowatts (typically transformed to horsepower for comparisons with internal-combustion autos) whereas power is expressed in kilowatt-hours.

Lucid leans on cylindrical cells, as do Tesla and Rivian—partly for his or her extra constant cooling habits. Every 2170-format cell has about 17 watt-hours of power, which Rawlinson reckons may propel the Air about 140 yards, in case you have been questioning.

Lucid Air battery cells

Lucid Air battery cells

To satisfy Lucid’s unique vary goal of about 400 miles, Rawlinson and firm calculated that they would want about 6,000 cylindrical cells, which have been then organized in 300-cell modules mounted underneath the ground. Every module has 42 volts, for a complete of 924 volts within the 22-module Air Grand Touring and Dream Version packs.

That is larger voltage than different EVs, and the benefit of that has to do with Ohm’s regulation, the elemental regulation describing power circulate by electrical circuitry. As a result of Ohm’s regulation states that warmth losses are proportional to present squared, reducing present permits for extra energy with better effectivity, Rawlinson explains. Doubling voltage permits for present to be halved, which Rawlinson calls a “core tenet” of Lucid’s engineering philosophy.

“There is no substitute for voltage when it comes to effectivity,” Rawlinson says, referencing Lucid’s important focus. Excessive voltage helps the Air obtain a really excessive charging charge, but in addition produces system-wide efficiencies, he provides.

Lucid Air battery module

Lucid Air battery module

Lucid makes use of a considerably totally different cooling system than different automakers, putting cells very shut collectively and utilizing cooling plates on the cell ends fairly than operating coolant channels between the cells. Once more, it is about effectivity. Modules with coolant channels are troublesome to fabricate with the mandatory precision, and cells are likely to disperse extra warmth at their ends anyway, Rawlinson explains.

It isn’t shocking that Lucid is so targeted on battery tech. It was once Atieva, a battery firm, and in some methods the Air builds on the corporate’s Method E expertise.

Lucid builds its personal modules and packs in Arizona, close to its meeting for the automobiles themselves. It is a course of it is designed to scale as much as many a whole bunch of 1000’s of autos yearly.

Watch the video under, and if that physics course you had ages in the past wasn’t fairly doing it for understanding how EVs work, we’re suspecting Rawlinson will.

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