What’s Your State’s Toxic Driving Trait?

States right here within the US love to tell apart themselves from each other. Every has its personal nickname, motto, flower, chicken, flagand stance on whether or not trans individuals deserve human rights (they do). However one different notable distinction units every state of this union aside: Their drivers.

We have talked about which states are best to get a driver’s license in, and one might seemingly hint a reasonably clear line between that issue score and the typical state driver talent. However there’s one other issue to creating every state a brand new journey for road-tripping drivers, and it has to do with what individuals do behind the wheel. Particularly, all these enjoyable region-specific methods scattered between sea and shining sea.

I'm from Connecticut, where the local driving move is being perfect, perfect in every way.  That, and coming to a dead stop on 95 for no reason

I am from Connecticut, the place the native driving transfer is being good, good in each method. That, and coming to a lifeless cease on 95 for no motive
Photograph, Adam Moss from Tonawanda, New York, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0 , through Wikimedia Commons

The Atlantic seaboard provides us the sweetness that’s the Jersey Slide — 4 lanes, no flip alerts, and a complete lack of care (if not energetic contempt) for every other driver on the street. It is the traditional “oh god wait is that my exit I gotta transfer over as a result of if I miss this exit the freeway involves an abrupt finish like a Wiley E. Coyote cartoon and I’ll plummet to Earth and my doom and I can not be late for crossfit once more” transfer, however executed with such frequency and indifference that it is earned a title,

The Pacific provides us a maneuver of decrease pace, decrease urgency, and total chiller vibes: The California Cease. It is a misnomer in that its figuring out attribute is that no precise cease is ever carried out — you merely method a cease signal and, seeing nobody else round, merely decelerate earlier than persevering with. What is the objective of a rule, anyway, if neither following it nor breaking it impacts these round you?

However these are simply two examples. We have got 48 states left to hit, and a trove of readers from throughout the US who may also help us fill within the map. What’s your state’s distinctive driving transfer, and what’s it referred to as?

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