You Are Not My Mother Folk Horror Movie Review

A woman with short dark hair and blood dripping from her mouth looks over her shoulder.

Oh god, Mom! Blood! Blood!
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Writing final week’s record of Irish horror motion pictures, timed for St. Patrick’s Day viewing, made me notice simply what number of of these movies are fascinated with changeling folklore, New launch You Are Not My Mom is not any exception, although it elevates itself by enveloping its characters in some significantly potent real-world terrors,

If the point out of changelings appears like a spoiler—effectively, please notice that the film is actually known as You Are Not My Mom. As you may guess, the movie unfurls from the perspective of the daughter within the story: Dublin teenager Char (an exquisite Hazel Doupe). Her introverted nature and celebrity scholar standing have made her an outcast in school, at greatest quietly consuming lunch by herself, at worst being focused by a vicious clique of imply women, led by the pushy Suzanne (Jordanne Jones) and the probably homicidal Kelly ( Katie White).

School sucks.

College sucks.
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Char’s life could be crappy sufficient below these circumstances, however the fraught state of affairs at house means there isn’t any escape from her distress. Her mom, Angela (Carolyn Bracken), is vulnerable to sudden temper swings and weird habits; early within the movie, she abandons her automotive and vanishes for a interval of hours, one thing that Char’s uncle Aaron (Paul Reid) and grandmother Rita (Ingrid Craigie) face with the weary power of people that’ve been coping with a troubled liked one for many years. Angela’s fragile psychological state is one thing she will be able to’t management and no one blames her for it, but it surely’s exhausting for everybody in her orbit—particularly Char, whose ache is obvious even earlier than we get a flashback to happier days when Angela was extra steady.

However! That is no bizarre story of youngster angst. You Are Not My Mom telegraphs from its very first scene that there is one thing extra to Angela’s spiraling sickness than mind chemistry. One thing maybe relatively witchy, The viewers is aware of that the “birthmark” on Char’s face is definitely a burn scar, the results of a mysterious ritual Granny performed on Char as an toddler, even when it takes Char many of the film to resolve her household’s massive secret . And there are different omens alongside the way in which—the bizarre sounds Char hears at night time and her distressing nightmares, the truth that Suzanne’s father warns her to keep away from Char’s household, and the not-so-accidental incontrovertible fact that You Are Not My Mom takes place within the days main as much as Halloween.

Char and Granny are surrounded by darkness.

Char and Granny are surrounded by darkness.
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With You Are Not My Mom, writer-director Kate Dolan has crafted a compelling exploration of rising up in a world that may be unbearably merciless. Even in case you stripped away its folk-horror parts, Char’s ordeal could be harrowing—however the supernatural evils that creep in find yourself being each a metaphor for a household falling aside below the cloud of psychological sickness, and a supply of some completely nail- biting stress and frights. Robust performances throughout the board (Bracken is very nice; whereas his position does get some special-effects enhancement, it is largely propelled by his capability to completely embody each a playful mom and a near-feral monster) and an unsettling rating by composer Die Hexen additional make You Are Not My Mom a film that transcends its extra acquainted plot factors to carve out a harrowing little area of interest all its personal.

You Are Not My Mom arrives in theaters and on demand March 25.

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